REMAKING, “Remote-working multiple impacts in the age of disruptions: socio-economic transformations, territorial rethinking, and policy actions”


REMAKING examines the positive and negative effects of remote working on individuals, within companies or organisations and in the socio-economic sphere. These impacts are being studied across four case studies.

Case Studies

Enforced migration workers

Digital nomads

Post-pandemic workers

High-Tech skilled workers

Latest news

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REMAKING on Italian television

23 April 2024

Prof. Marco R. Di Tommaso, the Scientific Coordinator of REMAKING has been interviewed in the programme “Bologna a Colori” of the Italian…

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REMAKING project has been launched

15 February 2024

In February 2024, the REMAKING project got underway in Bologna by holding its kick-off meeting. The gathering was attended by members of…

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