REMAKING on Italian television

23 April 2024 By

Prof. Marco R. Di Tommaso, the Scientific Coordinator of REMAKING has been interviewed in the programme “Bologna a Colori” of the Italian television channel “Bologna in Diretta”.

In an extensive and interesting interview, Di Tommaso answered the questions of the presenter Riccarda Riccò, who was very interested in everything related to the REMAKING project. The Scientific Coordinator used the opportunity of being interviewed to explain what REMAKING is, and to list its objectives and causes.

Di Tommaso pointed out that although the project has just begun, a lot of work has been done beforehand to build the foundations for this project, which aims to study the impacts of remote working.

The Scientific Coordinator was very optimistic about the project, emphasising that the fascinating phenomenon of remote working will bring many opportunities but that it needs to be studied carefully as it has arrived with great force and in a very short time.